Complex subjects need simple summaries.

Copywriting and Content Marketing for Financial Services, IT, Healthcare and More


Some of the most valuable products and services are complex and hard for non-experts to grasp. Yet these are often the very people making the buying decisions.

I can help them understand the issues. I’ve spent my career making complex subjects simple and clear to audiences of all sorts – first as a journalist, later as a marketing communications professional.

I’ve worked for financial services companies, IT firms, healthcare organizations, legal groups, manufacturers, nonprofits and universities. Let’s see how I can help you.

What I Offer:


   Content Development and Creation

Using your materials and resources and supplementing them with extra research if needed, I can help assemble the information you need to share with your customers.

   Key Messages Planning

With an understanding of  your customers, their needs, and their messaging mindset, I can craft key messages that move them through each stage of the the buying process.

   Copywriting and Other Creative Services

With a strategy set, I can provide the copywriting you need for all the planned formats. I’ll work with your marketing team or assemble one suitable for the project.